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Fastest Growing Vertical

With global revenues close to €168 billion, sports betting is one of the fastest-growing gaming verticals. The sports betting market is projected to witness considerable growth primarily due to the inclination of governments to regulate the sector. The local retail sports betting market contributes a total of 9% of the total land-based market value, estimated at €9.5M per annum. IZI Group is the local market leader in retail sports betting through the distribution of the IZIBET sports betting product. Sports betting revenues generate 19% of the total revenues for the Group.

Meet the brand
Meet the brand

IZI Group ventured into the sports betting vertical through the introduction of the IZIBET sports betting product in 2015. Currently available through a network of 40 high-street betting shops. IZIBET became the fastest-growing retail sports betting brand before attaining market leadership a mere 2 years from launch.

Video Lottery

Embracing a Highly Regulated Market

Video Lottery is typically a well-regulated gaming vertical offering entertaining, fair games in safe and controlled environments, designed to raise significant gaming tax revenues to fund key government programmes and initiatives. The history of Video Lottery has been very dynamic and highly controlled.

IZI Group is the reference operator of Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) in the ‘Controlled Gaming Premises’ sector. The investment in be-spoke VLT technology and games has enabled IZI Group to attain market leadership in this category. VLTs have been the foundation of the retail gaming sector since the market was further regulated in 2011 and today generates approximately 20% of the Group’s revenues.

IZI Group introduced VLTs in its retail network in 2012. Since then, the Group has been growing from strength to strength introducing new games in line with market demand and regulations.

Virtual and Esports

The Future Today

Virtual Sports is a fixed-odds betting product utilising a random number generator to determine the outcome of a simulated sporting event. Virtual Sports have experienced exponential growth in the last 5 years, providing operators with as much as 20% of their sports betting revenues. IZI Group was the first operator in Malta to introduce virtual sports betting after teaming up with leading content providers Kiron Interactive and Playtech.

Esports is a new game concept that engages customers in real-time player-vs-player game formats. This event-based format has seen Esports events gather more than 100,000 spectators in venues with millions watching online. Esports has now become a new sports betting product and is expected to generate further growth in the industry.

The drive for innovation within IZI Group has propelled the Group to invest in this new concept and introduce virtual sports in the retail and online channels. The investment in high-end video display systems across the retail network and the design elements to create the right ambience inside the IZIBET outlets have enabled the Group to leverage this growth opportunity witnessing increased player retention in the process. The introduction of Esports as a new game format will further enrich the product portfolio of the online portal


Drive for Innovation

IZI Group established IZI INTERACTIVE in 2016 as part of its innovative drive to make its products more accessible. Through the online portals, and the Group provides a rich portfolio of casino, sports betting, virtual & esports in the local and other regulated markets. This forms part of the Group’s innovative strategy to make all its products accessible to different markets and audiences.

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Historic Horse Racing

New Revenues for the Racing Industry

Historic Horse Racing Terminals or instant racing as it is more commonly known, allows players and racing enthusiasts to place bets on replays of historic horse races, via a player interface. Historic horse race wagering is becoming a vital source of revenue for the horse racing industry. This innovative form of gaming is being supported by international horse racing regulators the world over. As part of its internationalisation strategy, IZI Group has partnered with leading technology providers and horse racing bodies in Europe to launch this new game format in selected racetracks. This innovative wagering product is set to become the single most important source of on-track gaming revenue for the horse racing industry in the next years.

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