Supporting the Community

IZI Group maintains its commitment to corporate social responsibility by actively participating as a direct contributor to a diverse array of community-based charities and funds. On an annual basis, the Group consistently honors its tradition of contributing to the Malta Community Chest Fund, a noble endeavor under the patronage of the President of Malta, alongside steadfast support for the Malta Trust Foundation. Moreover, in the progressive year of 2023, IZI Group has not only sustained but expanded its philanthropic footprint by embracing a broader scope.

This extension came through the Group’s contributions such as to the Malta Canine Society & Social Causes Fund, further demonstrating its commitment to making a positive impact on various aspects of community life. Further to this is National Lottery plc’s collaboration with MaltaPost plc to launch a booklet containing six Lotto stamps commemorating the 100th year anniversary of the first Lotto draw. This community-driven approach involves channeling funds derived from unclaimed prizes towards supporting a multitude of social, cultural, civil, educational, sporting, philanthropic, religious activities, and other equally deserving causes. This engagement reaffirms IZI Group’s unwavering dedication to uplifting communities and fostering positive societal impact through its philanthropic initiatives.

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Supporting Culture

Supporting Culture

At IZI Group plc, our continued support for and celebration of the fusion of art, culture, and responsibility exemplify our commitment to making a positive impact. In our role as the largest land-based gaming operator in Malta and proud operator of the National Lottery of Malta, we were honoured to sponsor ‘Diplomazija astuta,’ the esteemed Malta Pavilion at the 59th International Art Exhibition La Biennale Di Venezia, commissioned by Arts Council Malta. ‘Diplomazija astuta’ is one of the first works of art in the world to receive a carbon neutral certification.

Our sponsorship of such initiatives which encourage responsible art and environmental responsibility goes beyond mere commitment; it serves as an integral embodiment of the fundamental values inherent in the IZI Group culture. This approach underscores our dedication to supporting initiatives that not only improve cultural experiences but also contribute to environmental responsibility, aligning seamlessly with the core principles which define IZI Group plc.

Supporting Local Sport

In 2023, IZI Group intensified its support for local sports, solidifying its position as a key sponsor of Maltese sports. New partnerships were forged with prestigious sports organizations, including the Malta Olympic Committee. The Group proudly served as the main sponsor for the successful Games of the Small States of Europe 2023 (GSSE 2023) held in Malta.

Ongoing support was also provided to the Malta Football Association through title sponsorships of the IZIBET FA Trophy and the IZIBET Challenge League. The Group’s commitment to sports extends to collaborations with the Malta Sports Journalists Association, backing initiatives such as the Elite Sports Person Competition and the Sports Athletes of the Year.

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Supporting the Environment

IZI Group remains at the forefront of sustainable practices by proactively implementing internal measures aimed at further reducing its environmental footprint. This commitment includes a range of initiatives, from reducing plastic dependence to paper recycling and reuse practices. Maintaining a forward-thinking approach, the Group is actively moving towards more sustainable energy sources, marking a significant step towards greener operations.

The ethos extends beyond the present initiatives, as all upcoming projects within the IZI Group ecosystem are carefully designed with a focus on both social and environmental responsibility. This holistic approach underscores the Group’s dedication to not only meeting but exceeding contemporary environmental standards. By integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of its operations, IZI Group sets a precedent for corporate social responsibility, contributing to a healthier and more environmentally conscious landscape.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

In addition to the ongoing support for the Malta Community Chest Fund and the Malta Trust Foundation, IZI Group actively contributes to other noble causes. The Group has become a proud supporter of NGOs, including the Responsible Gaming Foundation, working to create awareness about the potential causes and consequences of excessive gambling and/or gaming, promoting responsible gaming, and offering support to individuals facing related challenges. IZI Group remains committed to identifying and supporting various noble causes, aligning with its mission to make a meaningful difference in society.

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