A Fair and Transparent Environment

Knowing your customer is the basis for the provision of fair, safe, and transparent gaming services.

Due Diligence

All entry level due diligence is achieved through the collection and storage of registration requirements.


Real time screening of customers is undertaken across the Group operations through a third-party screening service.

Risk Segmentation

Customers are segmented according to their risk profile. Requirements for documentation from customers is linked directly to the risk profile.

Diligence on High-Risk Profiles

The Group invested in a customer risk rating system in 2019 to automate the risk assessment process on customers

Transaction Monitoring

The customer risk rating system allows the company to collate information relating to entities and applicants alike. It acts as a single, centralized, secure repository of all customer data and is able to assign risk scores and weighting while monitoring changes to all the scores assigned and follows up with alerts to customer-facing employees updating them with changes to the risk rating of customers in real-time. These include daily alerts when pre-determined risk thresholds are met, PEP status, or customer resides in a sanctioned country.