National Lottery Successfully Achieves European Lotteries (EL) Responsible Gaming (RG) Certification

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National Lottery Responsible Gaming Certification

EL certifies National Lottery as a national lottery operator aligned with European Responsible Gaming standards.

Malta, 15th February 2023 – National Lottery, the national lottery operator of Malta, has successfully completed the European Lottery (EL) Responsible Gaming (RG) certification. This certification, recognised also by the World Lotteries Association (WLA), underscores the commitment of IZI Group and National Lottery in promoting responsible gaming practices and ensuring safe and enjoyable experiences for all participants. The company has shown complete dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity and social responsibility within the lottery industry.

A few months after becoming recognised as a full member of the EL, the company commenced an arduous process to attain RG certification. This process was led by Mr. Joseph Bonanno – Chief Operating Officer of National Lottery. The certification process is the culmination of months of work in which the company assessed all its policies and procedures against pre-determined standards and frameworks, undertook several training programmes across its entire organisation, including also training of agents and front-office personnel, and was brought to the fore through the implementation of required tools.

The RG certification process also involved a very intense external audit by TÜV NORD GROUP, an international certification entity on the company’s policies and procedures and the implementation of the same. Commenting on this attained milestone, Mr. Bonanno said, “Obtaining the European Lotteries (EL) RG certification demonstrates our unwavering commitment to fostering a safe and enjoyable gaming environment, while minimizing the risks associated with problem gaming. We have worked closely with several stakeholders, including Responsible Gaming Foundation (RGF) as well as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), to establish practices that are in line with the most stringent international RG standards.”

National Lottery (MGA/B2C/003/2022) is a gaming operation under IZI Group and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority under the Gaming Act Chapter 583 of the laws of Malta.

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