National Lottery plc unveils brand identity to replace Maltco Lotteries

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A lottery that is truly national, a lottery that is truly Maltese

Mdina – May 25th, 2022, National Lottery plc a subsidiary of the IZI Group today unveiled its corporate brand – NATIONAL LOTTERY that will replace Maltco Lotteries. In a symbolic event organised at the Mdina Ditch, the company unveiled its plans to launch a lottery brand that is truly national and that above all a truly represents the Maltese and their deep-rooted connection with the National Lottery games.

The event was addressed by IZI Group Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Franco De Gabriele. Mr. De Gabriele described the journey that led to the award of the national concession to operate the national lottery of Malta, essentially the major gaming operation in Malta providing a service to hundreds of thousands of persons on a weekly basis.

We are proud that after 18 years since the privatisation of the national lottery of Malta in 2004, the lottery will be operated for the first time by a wholly owned Maltese company, whose mission is to provide the market with a service that is local, innovative and of the highest levels of quality. Our first decision was to re-establish ‘National Lottery’ as the corporate brand, restoring the name after a very long absence. This is the first step towards bringing back the national identity of this national concession, a service provided by the Maltese to the Maltese.

The Group is also very excited to bring to market improvements to the existing products, new products to enrich the current product portfolio and an investment in systems to ensure that the service offered is the highest standards built on the most rigorous of compliance frameworks. On the 5th of July 2022 a new era in gaming in Malta will commence, a new era for the national lottery of Malta”.
Mr. De Gabriele also mentioned the importance of several stakeholders in this project, foremost the Lottery Agents who form an essential part of the national lottery ecosystem considered to be the front liners whose dedication and entrepreneurship are fundamental components of the national lottery. Moreover, Mr. De Gabriele had words of praise to the employees of the company who have been working tirelessly to ensure that the company delivers a world-class lottery service.

During the event an audio-visual production of the historic development of the lottery of Malta was projected on the Mdina bastions. The short film symbolically depicting the deep-entrenched tradition of the Maltese towards the National Lottery games and the strategic contribution of the lottery towards society.
National Lottery plc will take over the operation of the national lottery of Malta from Maltco Lotteries on the 5th of July 2022, with the first Lotto draw earmarked for Saturday 9th July 2022 at 20:35hrs.

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