European Lotteries Awards National Lottery Responsible Gaming Certification During El Congress

Published On: June 24, 2024 | Categories: Press Releases |
Photo: EL President Romana Girandon awarding Responsible gaming certification to Franco De Gabriele, Chief Commercial Officer of National Lottery.
National Lottery Awarded For Responsible Gaming Practices

Salzburg – June 2024, National Lottery was awarded with the Responsible Gaming Certification by European Lotteries during the EL Congress and Industry Days held in Salzburg, Austria. In a ceremony to commemorate this achievement, Ms. Romana Girandon of Loterija Slovenja and President of European Lotteries, presented the Responsible Gaming certificate to Franco De Gabriele – Chief Commercial Officer of National Lottery.

This recognition underscores the unwavering commitment of National Lottery to promote safe and responsible gaming practices. It reflects the dedication to creating a secure and enjoyable environment for all players. The Responsible Gaming certification comes after months of diligent work to ensure that all policies and practices of National Lottery follow the values embedded within the European Lotteries charter. This acknowledgment inspires National Lottery to continue with its efforts to put responsible gaming at the top of its value proposition.

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