National Lottery Concession Results Unveiled by Privatisation Unit in 2021

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National Lottery Concession Results Unveiled by Privatisation Unit

Unlocking the Winning Bid: Malta’s National Lottery Concession Results Revealed

In a momentous statement published on November 16th, 2021, the Privatisation Unit (PU) unveiled the long-awaited national lottery concession results of the Financial Offers for the Concession for the Rights of the National Lottery of Malta. This crucial announcement, prominently featured on the PU website, signifies a significant development in Malta’s gaming landscape.

Preferred Proponent Emerges: National Lottery Takes the Lead

The PU’s statement declared, “Following the evaluation and adjudication of Proposals as submitted by Proponents and the opening of Financial Offers, the Privatisation Unit has identified the Preferred Proponent regarding the Concession for the Rights of the National Lottery of Malta.” The Preferred Proponent, securing the spotlight, is none other than National Lottery.

The Numbers Game: Financial Offers Breakdown

In a bid that echoed across the gaming industry, Financial Offers were submitted by two distinguished Proponents. The national lottery concession results, unveiled with anticipation, painted a clear picture:

  1. National Lottery: €105,077,077 (Preferred Proponent)
  2. Sisal Malta Consortium: €53,330,001

The staggering difference in financial commitments underscores the strategic and financial strength of National Lottery, positioning them as the undeniable leader in the bid for the National Lottery of Malta.

A Glimpse into the Evaluation and Adjudication Process

The PU’s announcement not only divulged the outcome but also shed light on the meticulous Process employed for the Evaluation and Adjudication. This transparent approach ensures a fair and thorough assessment. The explanation firmly established National Lottery as the Preferred Proponent, showcasing their compliance and alignment with the criteria set forth by the PU.

Charting the Course Forward

As Malta eagerly anticipates the unfolding of the National Lottery’s next chapter, the significant financial commitment by National Lottery paves the way for innovative developments and enhanced gaming experiences. The Preferred Proponent is now entrusted with steering the National Lottery of Malta toward new heights, promising a future rich in excitement and possibilities.

Responsible Gaming

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