Driving Success Together: Melita Business Collaboration with IZI Group

Published On: February 28, 2024 | Categories: News & Events |
National Lottery and Melita Business collaboration
IZI Group and Melita Business Collaboration

Reflecting on IZI Group’s journey, the company started off as a small gaming entity and progressively emerged as a leader in the industry. Looking forward, we perceive substantial growth potential both locally and internationally, opportunities that can be leveraged through the knowledge accumulated in Malta over the past 15 to 20 years.

Joining the company over 12 years ago, I witnessed the transition from a pure retail gaming operator to an omni-channel operator, integrating the online access channel into our portfolio.

While the Dragonara Casino remains a cornerstone of our Group, the addition of the National Lottery of Malta to our service portfolio 18 months ago marked a significant development, enabling us to be present in all the gaming product verticals.

Winning the international call for tender for the operation of the National Lottery of Malta in November 2021 was a key milestone. The National Lottery has become a crucial aspect of our daily operations, offering a distinct and expansive dimension while consolidating various businesses within the group.

Technology is an integral part to our success and remains a focal point. Melita Business is an integral part of our service offering, enabling us to provide a wide-array of gaming products across different access channels, be it a land-based casino, the national lottery through a distribution network of 240 shops, and their online counterparts.

In the retail sector, reliable service is fundamental. Operating the network of shops demands connectivity for real-time transactions and content dissemination. Collaborating with a reliable service provider like Melita Business ensures a robust infrastructure to support our diverse services – be it in our shops, the data centre services we use, or constant connectivity for our websites.

Working closely with Melita Business ensures a robust infrastructure to support our services. Accessibility is key in delivering a seamless customer experience, with approximately 150,000 individuals engaging with our services weekly, only at the level of the national lottery.

Our journey from a small gaming start-up to a multifaceted operation has been guided by strategic choices, technological adaptation, and a commitment to providing our customers with quality services across many touchpoints. What we have been doing with Melita Business is the underlying infrastructure onto which we’ve built these services.


IZI Group is committed to providing unique gaming experiences in responsible and safe environments. We emphasize responsible gaming practices and encourage patrons to visit the Responsible Gaming Foundation at Responsible Gaming Foundation for support and information.

IZI Interactive Limited (MGA/B2C/345/2016), Dragonara Gaming Limited (MGA/B2C/181/2010), and National Lottery (MGA/B2C/003/2022) are all gaming operations under IZI Group and are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority under the Gaming Act Chapter 583 of the laws of Malta.

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