Malta Women’s National Football Team’s Triumph: Earning the IZIBET Elite Athlete Award in 2023

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Malta Women's National Football Team's Triumph

National Lottery plc and MSJA Celebrate Malta Women’s National Football Team’s Historic Win

National Lottery plc and the Malta Sports Journalists Association (MSJA) proudly announce that the Malta Women’s National Football Team has clinched the prestigious IZIBET Elite Athlete Award for the outstanding period of September–October 2023.

Historic Achievement in Women’s Nations League

The Maltese women’s team has etched their names in history by securing victories in all four matches played in the Women’s Nations League Group C1. They currently lead the group, showcasing an exceptional performance that marks the first instance of a national football team securing consecutive wins in an international competition.

Recognition and Acknowledgment

Franco De Gabriele, Chief Commercial Officer of National Lottery plc, expressed his excitement and pride, stating, “We are thrilled to be presenting this prestigious award to the Malta Women’s Football National Team, to recognize their efforts and their results in the League C Group 1, having attained a 100% record beating countries like Latvia, Andorra, and Moldova.”

Encouraging Professionalism in Women’s Football

De Gabriele emphasized the hope for a more professional outlook for women’s football, encouraging athletes to pursue professionalism. He highlighted the need for an environment supporting continuous development and expressed pride in contributing to the Women’s Football team.

Malta SJA President Sandro Micallef’s Congratulations

President Sandro Micallef of Malta SJA congratulated the Malta National Football team for their impressive run, praising the players, coaching staff, and everyone involved in the success. He expressed the significance of the award in showcasing the local sports media’s appreciation for women’s football and its continuous improvement.

“I would like to extend my congratulations to the Malta National Football team for their run of positive results in their last four consecutive qualifying games. Well done to all the players who were part of any of the past four international games, the coaching staff, support staff, and all those who have contributed in one way or another to this success. This Award is a clear sign that the local sports media is following women’s football and appreciating the continuous improvement,” commented President Micallef.

Call for Transparency

“I’d like to take the opportunity to make a sincere appeal once again to the Malta Football Players Association and the Malta Football Association to publish in its entirety the recent Memorandum of Understanding that was signed with the Malta Women’s National Team. The publication of this MoU will help us journalists keep an eye on and exert the necessary pressure on the Malta FA to ensure it keeps up with the commitments it has made towards achieving full compliance with the UEFA Minimum Standards Framework for Women’s National Teams in Europe by June 2024. Unless the full details of this MoU are made public, the media cannot follow up on the progress of these promises,” concluded President Micallef.

IZIBET Elite Athlete Award Overview

The IZIBET Elite Athlete Award, presented every two months, aims to recognize exceptional performances by local athletes. The selection board, comprising sports journalists and observers, ensures a fair and thorough assessment process. The award covers specific periods throughout the year, promoting a consistent acknowledgment of athletes’ achievements.

For More Information

For detailed rules and regulations governing the IZIBET Elite Athlete Award, please visit the official website of the Malta Sports Journalists Association.

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