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Published On: September 30, 2021 | Categories: News |
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During the telethon held on Sunday 26th September 2021, IZIBET donated €5,000 in aid of the ALS Foundation. IZIBET supports Dar Bjorn and the values upheld by this great foundations, and is committed to aiding important causes as such whenever possible.

The ALS Foundation, founded by Bjorn Formosa, raises awareness about the ALS condition. It has, as its main objective, the improvement in the quality of life of patients with ALS and other neurological conditions and support in research for a possible cure. The foundation opened its first neurological home for ALS patients, helping hundreds of patients in the process. The initiative has been working tirelessly to open the much-required second Dar Bjorn.

“We are very glad to support the noble initiatives of the ALS Foundation and its specific quest for a second Dar Bjorn to help all those suffering from ALS,” remarked Franco Degabriele, Chief Commercial Officer of IZI Group plc.

“By fostering a culture of solidarity and inclusion through the Group’s corporate social responsibility program, IZIBET reinforces its commitment to the local community,” concluded Mr Degabriele. His speech explained the values upon which IZIBET supports Dar Bjorn.

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