EveryMatrix and National Lottery of Malta Announce Exciting Partnership in 2022

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EveryMatrix and National Lottery of Malta Announce Exciting Partnership in 2022

iGaming Software Provider EveryMatrix Partners with National Lottery plc

EveryMatrix, an esteemed and globally recognized iGaming software provider, has recently forged a noteworthy agreement with National Lottery plc, a subsidiary of IZI Group plc. This strategic partnership involves EveryMatrix being carefully selected to deliver and operate the advanced online gaming platform for the National Lottery of Malta, following the triumphant and highly competitive bid by National Lottery plc to skillfully manage and operate the prestigious national lottery of Malta.

As the parent company of National Lottery plc, IZI Group plc stands as a dynamic force within the business landscape. Operating across diverse sectors, IZI Group plc has carved a niche for itself through strategic investments and a commitment to excellence. The National Lottery of Malta holds a vital position within the Maltese community, serving as more than just a gaming institution.

With a legacy spanning years, the lottery has become an integral part of the country’s cultural fabric. Beyond the thrill of chance, the National Lottery of Malta has played a pivotal role in supporting various community initiatives and contributing to the overall welfare of the Maltese people. Its enduring presence has made it a symbol of hope, entertainment, and positive change.

A New Era for the Maltese National Lottery

Breaking an 18-year streak, the Maltese National Lottery will now be overseen by a fully-owned Maltese company, signaling a shift in the management of this important national institution. National Lottery plc, in selecting International Game Technology (IGT) as its lottery technology provider, has further enlisted EveryMatrix to supply the lottery with its suite of online products.

International Game Technology (IGT) brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a global reputation as a leader in lottery systems, IGT’s technology aligns seamlessly with the goals of the National Lottery of Malta. The integration of IGT’s cutting-edge solutions ensures a robust and reliable foundation for the lottery’s operations, underscoring the commitment to delivering a world-class gaming experience to players.

Integration for Online Lottery Games

EveryMatrix is on the cusp of an innovative breakthrough, meticulously preparing to seamlessly integrate the globally acclaimed IGT retail transaction engine into its cutting-edge and highly sophisticated CasinoEngine solution. The iGaming Integration Platform, connected via IGT’s Aurora Anywhere, is undergoing enhancement to ensure the broad accessibility of all National Lottery draw-based games. This strategic integration aims to provide a user-friendly and immersive experience for players, whether they choose to indulge in the excitement on their desktop or prefer the convenience of their mobile devices.

Renowned for its modular and scalable architecture, CasinoEngine represents a pinnacle in iGaming innovation. Boasting features that enhance player experiences and streamline operations for operators, this platform has become a preferred choice for online gaming establishments. EveryMatrix’s dedication to staying ahead of the technological curve ensures that its solutions continue to shape the evolving landscape of the iGaming industry.

Ebbe Groes Group CEO of EveryMatrix

Ebbe Groes, Group CEO of EveryMatrix

Ebbe Groes Expresses Pride

Ebbe Groes, the distinguished Group CEO of EveryMatrix, expresses immense pride in supporting National Lottery plc. His belief in the transformative benefits of the system resonates strongly, envisioning a future where Maltese players are steered away from illegal or abusive secondary lotteries. The seamless integration of IGT, recognized globally as the number one lottery system provider, into EveryMatrix’s platform stands as a resounding testament to the exceptional performance and capabilities of their innovative system.

Franco De Gabriele, CCO of National Lottery plc, on the Mission Ahead

Franco De Gabriele, the Chief Commercial Officer of National Lottery plc, shares profound insights into the ambitious mission that lies ahead, marking a significant turn after 18 years of the lottery’s privatization in 2004. The overarching goal is to not just operate the lottery but to do so under the banner of a wholly-owned Maltese company, promising a localized, innovative, and high-quality service. With dedicated investments in cutting-edge systems and digital innovation, the vision extends globally, putting Malta at the forefront and pledging a collaborative effort with authorities to eradicate any and all forms of lottery abuse.

In its new role overseeing the Maltese National Lottery, National Lottery plc envisions a holistic approach that extends beyond gaming. With a focus on responsible gaming practices, the company is poised to introduce initiatives that positively impact the local community. Charitable contributions, support for educational programs, and a commitment to responsible gaming align with National Lottery plc’s mission to be a socially responsible entity, fostering positive change in Malta.

About EveryMatrix

EveryMatrix stands out as an industry trailblazer, providing an extensive and unparalleled array of cutting-edge iGaming software, innovative solutions, diverse content, and unparalleled services meticulously crafted for casino enthusiasts, sports bettors, payment aficionados, and those engaged in affiliate/agent management. Distinguished by a highly modular, scalable, and compliant platform, EveryMatrix empowers operators with the flexibility to cherry-pick optimal solutions tailored to their specific needs and existing technological infrastructure.

Since its founding, the company has been at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. From pioneering solutions to establishing key partnerships, EveryMatrix has consistently demonstrated its commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and services. Their journey has been characterized by milestones that reflect a deep understanding of the dynamic iGaming landscape.

Operating on an expansive global scale, the company proudly boasts a dedicated workforce of 700 professionals strategically spread across ten countries. Their extensive reach extends to serving 150 customers worldwide, including a notable presence in the regulated U.S. market. Additionally, the company takes great pride in its esteemed membership in prestigious organizations such as the World Lottery Association, European Lotteries Association, and iDEA Growth in the U.S., further underscoring and solidifying their unwavering commitment to industry excellence and strict regulatory adherence.

Future Collaborations and Expansion

The partnership between EveryMatrix and National Lottery plc holds exciting possibilities for future collaborations. Beyond the online gaming platform, there is potential for joint ventures, introduction of new game offerings, and innovative promotional events. As both entities share a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, the collaboration opens avenues for expanding their footprint in the iGaming industry and creating memorable experiences for players worldwide.

For more information on EveryMatrix and their services, visit their website.

Responsible Gaming

IZI Group is committed to providing unique gaming experiences in responsible and safe environments. We emphasize responsible gaming practices and encourage patrons to visit the Responsible Gaming Foundation at Responsible Gaming Foundation for support and information. All IZI Group plc operations are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority under the Gaming Act Chapter 583 of the laws of Malta.

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